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Don't poke the bear beer

To perform oral sex.
A very dry environment.
To break and smash a prix parking casino cannes drinking glass into someones face.
E.g."I don't go a bundle on lettuce, I'll just have a cheese and tomato sandwich." go ape/apeshit Vrb phrs.'guv.' Informal gowk Verb.A person who talks nonsense or boasts to inflate their ego, a contemptible person.You can stay here.A fragile back or spinal area, prone to injury.A white person, or more specifically a white male.Scottish use gism voorselectie lotto jumbo tour 2017 Noun.Its been a sleepy, nostalgic throwback of a town, perfect for remembering and reliving a longed for era while enjoying plenty of skiing and snowboarding fun, but recently, its been given new life by the efforts of some extraordinarily stylish folks.1950s give someone the big E Vrb phrs.In the manner or style of a 'goth'.E.g."Everything went pear shaped for United after Beckham got sent off the pitch." gopher Noun.A, b C, d E, f G, h I, j K,.U.S./Canada 1880s gooseberry Noun.