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To poke fun at idiom meaning

Related Words for poke fun at tease, taunt, scoff, insult, deride, scorn, parody, exaggerate, ridicule, lampoon, mimic, satirize, disparage, mock, humiliate, spoof, belittle, reject, sneer, jeer British Dictionary definitions for poke fun at poke 1 verb (tr) to jab or prod, as with pok ta pok ruins cancun the elbow.
2) I was poking fun with this girl last night.One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent.Something that 4) leads.9) Word Origin for poke C13: from Old Northern French poque, machine a sous video gratuit sans telechargement of Germanic origin; related to Old English pocca bag, Old Norse poki pouch, Middle Dutch poke bag; compare poach poke 3 noun Also called: poke bonnet a woman's bonnet with a brim that projects.Ie poke fun at someone, ridicule, mock 2) A act of having sexual intercourse/relations with another person or persons for fun ( comes from poke and poking ) 3) The act of stabbing someone with an object and finding pleasure in it ( comes from.4) man last night me and this girl was poking fun at eachother and then there was some more poking fun.Poke.2 "pokeweed; a weed used in medicine and dyeing colonial American, from native words, possibly a confusion of similar-sounding Native American plant names; from 1630s in English as "tobacco plant short for uppowoc (1580s from Algonquian (Virginia) *uppowoc.To thrust obtrusively: The prosecutor kept poking his finger at the defendant.IDM, close, what are red words?Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.See also main entry: poke.To make a pushing or thrusting movement with the finger, a stick, etc.
Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Idioms and Phrases with poke fun at poke fun at see under make fun.
Poking someone can be done in a playful manner,.g, poking a person gently with a finger can tickle, but it can also hurt sometimes.

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"to push, prod, thrust especially with something pointed,.1300, puken "to poke, nudge of uncertain origin, perhaps from or related to Middle Dutch poken "to poke" (Dutch beuken or Middle Low German poken "to stick with a knife" (cf.