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To poke fun def

To make (a hole, one's way, etc.) by or as by prodding or pushing.
You look like a panda.
Top definition, poking slot duitse brief Fun unknown (v.) 1) A remark of sarcaism/witty expression as to make a joke about the other person/object.Poke.1 "small sack early 13c., probably from Old North French poque (12c., Old French poche) "purse, poke, purse-net probably from a Germanic source, from Proto-Germanic *puk- (cf.Poke.2 "pokeweed; a weed used in medicine and dyeing colonial American, from native words, possibly a confusion of similar-sounding Native American plant names; from 1630s in English as "tobacco plant short for uppowoc (1580s from Algonquian (Virginia) *uppowoc.Poke Fun At Meaning, definition: To joke about someone or something; to ridicule."to push, prod, thrust especially with something pointed,.1300, puken "to poke, nudge of uncertain origin, perhaps from or related to Middle Dutch poken "to poke" (Dutch beuken or Middle Low German poken "to stick with a knife" (cf.In the below example, two friends are discussing a new job.9) Word Origin for poke C13: from Old Northern French poque, of Germanic origin; related to Old English pocca bag, Old Norse poki pouch, Middle Dutch poke bag; compare poach poke 3 noun Also called: poke bonnet a woman's bonnet with a brim that projects.Retrieved November 13th, 2018, from m/poking-fun.You dont have to be jeux pc poker gratuit hors ligne so mean!Poke.3 "an act of poking 1796, originally pugilistic slang, from poke (v.).3) Man I love poking fun at people with my blade, I get Off.Stephanie: Next time think before you say something.Rodrigo: If you say.Luis: Yeah, I can tell.
It is unclear exactly how this idiom originated.
Rodrigo: Are you serious?

Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.
Washington Post, summary, the phrase poke fun at is another way to say make fun of or to mock.
A slow or dawdling person; slowpoke.